Crime Plank

Crime Plank

Ian Snider

We, the Golden Mean Party believe that to lessen the amount of crime the Three Strike Law should be instituted and prisons should focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. According to in the article “Percent of Released Prisoners Returning to Incarceration” about 68% of prisoners who were released were later arrested again. The Three Strike Law would mean that if someone commits a felony and has committed two or more serious felonies or violent crimes in the past they will receive an extension on their prison time which is decided in court. We believe that by putting the Three Strike Law in place around the country and shifting prisons focus to rehabilitation it will deter people from committing crimes and from returning to prison. According to Mike Riggs on in the article “Horrifying Facts About Our Overcrowded Federal Prison System” when talking about the overcrowding of federal prisons he says, “Facilities are now 39 percent overcrowded and growing more so by the day.” by instituting the Three Strike Law it could pose as a big obstacle for people who are repeat offenders because they wouldn’t want to be in prison longer so they would have less of a chance of commiting a crime and would keep them out of the already overcrowded prisons and prevent them from commiting crime and would keep people from becoming first time offenders because of the threat of the Three Strike Law. Rehabilitating prisoners would mean that prisons would have optional therapy for people who are in prisons for committing misdemeanors and mandatory therapy sessions for people that are in prison for felonies. This could find the root of the issue and prevent a return to prison for an inmate. It would also entail prisoners being put in a job search program to possibly put them back on their feet, if former inmates have jobs or careers the chance of them recommitting crimes would go down.

The current system that is being enforced now is not working and is causing problems. As stated, people have been committing crimes and prisons are overcrowded. While crime has been on a decrease it has not been fast enough whereas new regulations could potentially increase the rate of a decrease in crime. California is a state that uses the Three Strike Law and numbers show that it’s working. In the article “ Pro & Con: Three Strikes law has been effective — why change?” author John Allan Peschong, a senior of the Republican National Committee, says, “violent crime in California decreased by 51 percent from 1991 to 2003, compared with the national decline of 37 percent.” The Three Strike Law clearly increases the rate at which crime decreases. Education in prisons also help this. “Recidivism” is a term that means someone’s relapse into crime. Education can strongly impact the amount of recidivism and thusly cause less crime because there would be less repeat offenders. According to the Alabama State Board of Education, “Correctional education appears to be the number one factor in reducing recidivism rates nationwide” By putting education in prisons the amount of recidivism and crime overall would decrease.

These two proposals could dramatically decrease the amount of crime in the U.S. The Three Strike Law can cause people to not commit crime because of the threat of a longer prison sentence. Education in prison can cause people to get back on their feet and lower the rate of recidivism. Crime would overall be decreased everywhere if rehabilitation and Three Strike Law were instituted, changing the U.S for the better.


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