Welfare Plank

Welfare Plank
Ian Snider

We the Golden Mean Party believe that minimum wage should stay the same and that unemployment should be revised. We believe that minimum wage should stay the same because companies could not afford to raise minimum wage for its workers. A popular proposal to raise minimum wage to is from $7.25 to around $15, double the amount of current minimum wage. For example fast food giant McDonald’s, according to Diana Ransom on finance.yahoo.com in the article “Can They Really Make Money Off the Dollar Menu?” McDonald’s makes a “profit of roughly 6 cents a burger”. By raising the minimum wage even the fast food giant McDonald’s would be hit hard and would, along with a majority of other companies big and small, would have to raise its prices then suddenly the prices would be too high for the new minimum wage and it would have to be raised again. This would cause an endless cycle where prices raise and and minimum wage tries to keep up even though it is the cause for the raise in prices, therefore the set minimum wage should be kept at $7.25. Unemployment should only be given for the average person that does not have disability for 6 months in order to find new job potentials and can receive an extension only if they can prove they have applied for 6 jobs without success, while disabled people can receive an extension based on the severity of the disability.
The current system for unemployment is not working correctly for the U.S. People can easily exploit the system. Someone who is well able to get a job can easily sit at home and get money at the same time without looking for a new job, costing tax payers money. With a time limit on unemployment people who have become unemployed would have another strong reason to get another job. This would cause for tax dollars to go to other areas and issues that citizens feel are important. This overall would help the U.S’s economy with a new focus on more pressing matters.
By keeping minimum wage at $7.25 and revising unemployment the U.S would be greatly benefited. Minimum wage should stay the same because it would only cause the raise of prices and hurt the economy. Unemployment needs to be revised because the current system is flawed and can be easily exploited but by the stated revisions could be more effective and could allow more money to go to other issues that citizens feel are important. With these proposals in mind welfare in America could be more effective than ever.


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